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The application for HSK the online examination in School of Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students of CUC in January of 2016 has begun, here are some details for the schedule.

Testing Time

HSK (level 4)  09:00 AM, January 20th, 2016

HSK (level 5)  13:30 PM, January 20th, 2016

HSK (level 6)  09:00 AM, January 20th,2016

Way of Application

1. Site Application

Room 105, the school of International Education and Exchange.

2.  Application on Internet

Search the Chinese testing website and do as it says.

PS: Such a limited number of the computers, do not miss the chance.

We don’t accept any application by phone.

Application Time

1.  Site Application: From December 1st, 2015 to January 10th, 2016

 8:30-11:30AM, 2:00-4:00PM.(from Monday to Friday)

Application on Internet: From December 1st, 2015 to January 10th, 2016

Application Procedures

1.  Provide your passport, and 2 photos by small two inch (Background shouldn’t be too dark, and blue background is best, moreover write your name at the bottom on the back of your photo).

2. Fill and hand in .(Download from

Testing Fee


Testing Fee

Level 4

450 RMB

Level 5

550 RMB

Level 6

650 RMB

More Details You Should Pay Attention To

1.  Please make sure you take the following things with you when you take the test:

(1) HSK Admission Card

(2) Passport

2.  You are not allowed to take the tests if you forget any of the following certificates: “HSK admission card” and your “passport”.

3.  Your “students’ card” cannot be used as your identification certification.

4.  Please take good care of your “HSK admission card”, which is used for getting your “certification” and your “test results”; if you lost your “HSK admission card”, you need to pay 70 RMB for a new one.

5.  Place of Test: Communication University of China (For specific place please see your HSK admission card).

Contact Us

1.  Contact person:  Miss Han.

2.  Telephone:(0351)7011934. 

3.  Address: Room 105, the school of International Education and Exchange. Shanxi University.

Test Results and Certification

1.      One month after the test, you can search to check your test results.

2.      For students who want to get both “the test results” and “certification” by themselves, please come to Room 105, the room 105, the school of International Education and Exchange..

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